Branjolina Bothers Barrow

Excitement rose today in Barrow Town Centre when it was announced that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be a possible to open another new Tattoo shop. The owners, Grant Banana, 28 and Ivan Frog, 91, said they had been in touch with the celebrity couple and they were waiting for a reply.

The Barrow Evening Mail heard of the revelation when a hoard of screaming girls arrived outside the Office door demanding more information. As this was the first we had heard of it we went in search of the duo Grant, 98, and Ivan, 19, to find the truth behind such an A list acquisition. We found them in Diggles enjoying a pie and a cappuccino.

Grant, 89, said “We’ve just put the feelers out on this one. We met them on a holiday in Las Vegas and we had a meal together, I found them to be very polite and very likeable.” Pushing them on the finer details of their meeting, Ivan, 18, waited for Grant to order more drinks before divulging that they had in fact “Bumped into Brad and Angelina as they were turning a corner in their hotel and accidentally stepped on Brad.” and on a second occasion “Waved at them across a Car Park of a Pizza Parlour”.

On returning with a Frothy Skinny Latte and Chocolate Sprinkles and three Americanii, Grant, 19, dragged out of his back pocket a copy of the post he had placed on their Facebook page, in the normal Barrow style, it read “im having a shop opening parti an wud luv u 2 cum and do the honur. Please let me no.”

We finished our coffees and left them with a newly arrived tuna and mayo panino. As always we will keep our ears to the ground, just in case Brad is walking past the office.

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