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To celebrate ‘Post It Note Week and a Half’, Barrow Council are proposing to commission the largest Post It note ever manufactured. A feasibility study has been conducted and it is believed that with the help of a few local firms it will be able to produce a Note somewhere in the region of 9000sq/m. This is equivalent to at least four Mars Bars wrappers (of the modern size – and not the original size).

The Council approached both Kimberley Clarke and Little Tonys Tyre Emporium to help in the physical demands of such a monumental task. It was reported by Barrow Council Project Manager that both companies were open to the suggestion, but it would need to look further into the detailed feasibility study which would follow the feasibility study to see if the detailed feasibility study would not be a waste of money.

When asked what the council would do with such a huge Post It Note, they said they would invite every member of the community to draw something and then it would be displayed on the side of the multi storey car park. “We are having a feasibility Study drawn up now, which of course is running in conjunction with the other feasibility study, about how best to display the Post It Note, but I believe it will be hung from the side of the Multi Storey Car park if the feasibility study allows such a thing to be hung there”, said a Council Representative.

Pushing further, the Barrow Evening Mail asked how it would be destroyed in the unlikely event of it being displayed on the side of the Multi Storey Carpark. We were told to “Bugger off. If you can’t ask a question without raising a problem then we don’t want to talk to you. However can I say that I had a lovely Banana for my dinner”. We agreed and the Council representative responded with “What a lovely banana I had with my dinner”.

The Barrow Evening Mail will keep its eyes to the ground and its ears in the air in relation to this story and hopefully we will soon see the Worlds Largest Post It Note flying majestically from the Multi Storey Carpark.

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