Broughton Burglar Baffles Bobbies

A spate of burglaries has hit Broughton shocking the locals. Three houses have been targeted in a bizarre manner the Police describe as “unusual.” The houses were all entered between the hours of twelve and five in the morning whilst the home owners slept.

Each house had been entered using the same method, a circular hole created in the exact centre of the front door. Although no obvious damage was discovered each home owner was adamant that they had never installed a stained glass window and it had just appeared.

The Police then searched the houses. Three of the four living rooms had been completely restyled; sofas, wallpaper, cushions and carpets had been exchanged and replaced with brand new. The owner of the first, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated “Its really nice, really tasteful, I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s as if they know us. The only creepy thing is the watercolour on the wall. I don’t know how long it took them but it is a perfect likeness of us sleeping. They must have been in the bedroom as the colours and set up are perfect, and the way they painted my husband sleeping is exact.”

The second and third house had each received the same treatment, but had been redecorated in a different style perfectly reflecting a separate time period.

Valuing the replaced furniture and taking into consideration the cost of the decorating consumables Police believe that each house must have cost in the region of three thousand two hundred pounds. The Police although having to investigate the breaking and entering crime, have declared that it is not a priority crime as there was no victim and no loss of property had been reported. An officer would be assigned to the case but not on a full time basis.

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