Elephants Everywhere In Dalton

Grainy image of Elephant captured by Old Police Station

Several Dalton residents have reported seeing several full grown elephants in the town centre. Mrs. Plooder, 47, said she was walking down Market St yesterday, when she first noticed something move out of the corner of her eye. “I saw an odd shadow poking out from behind a lamppost, first I thought it was an Elephant, but that couldn’t have been right. I continued down the street and then quickly whipped around to see if the shape was still there, and yes, there was an Elephant peeking out from the lamppost.”

Mrs Plooder, 56, called the Police who thought it was just a prank phone call by a drunk. However several minutes later they received a second and then a third. The Police landed on the scene in their usual timely manner, but failed to find the beast. As they were searching a report then came in stating two more had been spotted hiding in a tree on the square outside of the castle. However these had dismounted from the tree, by sitting on a leaf and waiting until Autumn, and disappeared towards Clarence House.

By the end of the day, there had been seventeen sightings. The Barrow Evening Mail approached Dalton Zoo and asked if they had any elephants missing, they told us “We don’t have any elephants here, which is ironic due to the fact that the signs that point this way all feature the large mammal.”

Since the final sighting last night there has been no other sighting since. Police believe that the situation has three possible explanations which are possible to explain the situation. Their most plausible seems to rely on kids, as it usually is kids messing about. Or their least likely, a troop of African Elephants had got lost on their way to the local watering hole but got lost, ending up in Dalton and becoming so nervous that they took to hiding.

The Barrow Evening Mail are going to continue looking into this story and we will report back some time in the future, if we can be bothered.

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  1. I was absolutely horrified to read this. it’s a real horror story. These animals must be going through hell. Lets hope they catch up with the circus soon

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