Return of Barrovian Boris the Battling Badger

Battling Badger
Boris gets released from local Police station

Barrow AFC have announced a statue of their pre war mascot has been commissioned by the management team. Fundraising has begun and the hope is that Barrow AFC can raise a total of £120,000 by Febuary 2015 to allow them to get a mould made. A further £347,000 will be needed by the end of June 2015 to cast the full sized bronze effigy.

If anyone out there remembers Barrovian Boris the Battling Badger they will have fond memories of watching the mascot pretend to beat up the opposition players. The riotous acts of Boris kept the crowds entertained before, during and after the game. It was reported that after one particular cup game, he performed for nearly thirty six hours. His silly walk and pretend trips had the locals and visiting fans rolling in the stands.

The 6ft Badger had been played by three separate locals; however Boris was very quickly retired after one notorious incident featuring Harrogate Town when, now deceased, Kevin Smythington (deceased), the last man to play Boris, waded in and did indeed beat up seven opposition team members. The Barrow Evening Mail reported at the time on The Annual WI Cake and Jam Contest, not having a reporter at the game.

A spokesman for Barrow AFC told the Barrow Evening Mail that he thought enough time had passed and that the town could now celebrate one of the most significant icons of the pre-war era. “Even if you didn’t watch Barrow at the time, you would have heard of Boris. He was a well known character. When he wasn’t in prison, he was a lovely guy. Shame about his nose.”

Collections will be held at the games and an extra ten pence will be added to the programme cost. Organisers are being found to organise the charitable organisation. If you are interested in helping, donating or putting your name down for the sponsored Potato Licking, please congregate on Duke Street between 8am and 7pm.

Reporter: Tyler Pebbled

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