Dolphin Found On Roanhead Beach

Rueben The Dolphin
Rueben The Dolphin

It was with shock that Mrs Carly Comfort, 32, discovered a Dolphin on the Barrow side of Roanhead. She had ventured down with her dog, Porkpie, 6, to take in the sights and sounds of a beautiful Barrow summers day. When looking out from under her parasol, she spotted the Dolphin, Rueben, 12, sat on a deckchair perusing the latest edition of Heat magazine. At first she thought it must be a man in a costume, but as she approached, Rueben tipped his boater to her and asked how she was on such a grand morning.

Carly, 46, told the Barrow Evening Mail “I nearly turned and ran. It was only because Porkpie, 8, took an interest and I couldn’t call him away that I made the effort to talk. He was very nice as it turns out. Just as I would have expected from such a gently portrayed creature. He even offered me his last Jammie Dodger.” Carly was at pains to also state, “I called you guys because I thought it would make a good story for your amazingly brilliant newspaper.”

We sent one of our intrepid reporters down to have a word with Rueben, 4, who luckily, was still there, however he hadn’t restocked his Jammie Dodger supply. Rueben told us that he enjoyed Roanhead and would become a yearly visitor. “I think I’ll become a yearly visitor and visit every year. I usually cruise around the Med, or up in the Fjords, but this summer I decided to do something different. A Starfish mate of mine, Bobby, told me about this beach after he booked a holiday here last Easter, so I thought I’d give it a go.”

Asked about where he was staying he told us, “I’ve booked into Abbey House for a couple of nights. Their Dolphin Friendly policy really appeals to me and depending on how it goes, I might bring the whole pod.”

Our Reporter stayed and a had a chat to Rueben for several hours and even swapped email addresses so they could stay in touch and maybe allow Rueben to submit a few stories from his travels around the world. We will look forward to that.

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