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On the 14th November, Steve Goodwill, 23, of Grizebeck, will be attempting to break the world record for the longest slide on strawberry jam. The previous record is held by Humi Totti, 75, of Mexico City who managed to slide a total of 1.325 miles (2132 meters) on the 14th November 2003.

Steve, 34, will be attempting the slide from the top of Burlington Slate Quarry entrance past Grizebeck and on as far as possible. Although the route does incorporate an uphill section, Steve has calculated that the incline will be negligible as he will have hit his top speed of one hundred and thirty miles an hour by the time he reaches it.

Steve, 29, told the Barrow Evening Mail, “I’m using strawberry jam because it seems to be the slippiest of all the jams. I first started with lemon curd, only because I like a bit of lemon on my toast in the morning, so we had some in the cupboard. However, once I got into full research for the project it became apparent that a curd, and indeed a marmalade, was too thick.” He continued, “Raspberry was nearly the option, but strawberry washes better and doesn’t leave a residue that snags the iron when I’m ironing.”

Steve Goodwill, 56, showed us his costume for the day; a mixture of aerodynamic cloth used by cyclists in the Tour De Millom and Velcro, but shaped like a Melton Mowbray Pork Pie with the crusts cut off. Steve said, “It’s got nothing to do with wind resistance, it’s more to do with morale and the spectacle.

Steve is hoping to hit the two-mile marker which is on the flat as you get close to the Tea/Coffee Caravan near the Broughton turn off. “If I can make it to Foxfield I will probably have done the last half a mile in tears. I’m doing it for my father and mother who both hold individual world records.”

The A5092/A595 will be closed off during the build up to the attempt as an estimated crowd of 375,823 is being envisaged. Police have stated that anyone who wants to camp can do as they will be relaxing by-laws to accommodate the anticipated throng. The Barrow Evening Mail hopes to see as many people there as possible and anyone with footage of the event can send it into our Newsdesk.

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