Crash At Walney Aerodrome

Emergency services were nearly called out today after a horrific crash.  The incident started at 2.15pm and lasted for a whole fifteen seconds when an unnamed man scraped his alloy wheel against the pavement, sending the occupent into a state of mild surprise. Calmly reacting to the emergency, he stepped out of the car and sighed quite heavily.

Staff operating the airport were said to be in a deep silence about the incident as we phoned several times without success.  We surmised by the lack of response that they were trying to keep their emotions in check and it would undermine their community respect if they were seen to ‘blub like a big girls blouse’ over the carnage.

The motorist who reported the incident said that he would have to take several days off work to look for an alloy wheel the same style as his own, he said, ‘…and at this time in my life its the last thing I need’.

We would like to pass our gratitude on to the emergency services for their quick decision not to react. This decision proved correct and cost the taxpayer absolutely nothing.

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  1. Horrors! Why did I hear nothing about this on the national news? Having been the victim of a kerb scraping incident myself I can attest to the distress and anguish such things can cause.
    Please pass on my deepest sympathy to all involved. ‘Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims’

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