Woman’s Journey To The Unknown


There is nothing like a night out with friends, and last night was not one of them for Barrow lady, Michelle Stippond. In a fit of stupidity, Michelle, 24, gave chase to a fifty-pound note that was gently blowing down Abbey Road. Normally this would have been a good thing; finding a note that would pay for the whole of your night out. However, this one went drastically wrong.

Michelle, 36, in her slightly intoxicated state, fixated on the note as she made her way through Dalton, Askam and onto Kirby Moor. In what can only be described as near fiction, as it has yet been found, she then entered a cave opening and ‘disappeared ‘.

Michelle takes up the story, “I eventually put my hand on the fluttering note, and then I heard a large ‘roar’. I looked up to find myself in an amazing garden. It took me a minute to take it all in, but then I spotted a large creature looking at me. I’m sure it was a T-Rex and above it was a Pterodactyl circling.”

Michelle, 28, was reported as missing the morning after by her family and a national campaign was put out via the major media outlets. She was eventually found wandering round Ulverston a week later.

“I ran,” Michelle, 54, takes up the story again, “and kept on running. It seemed that every turn I took there was some other animal/dinosaur was trying to eat me. I eventually came across Doug McClure, and was helped to freedom in a German U-boat.”

Although we at the Barrow Evening Mail wouldn’t want to challenge her account of the missing week, we challenged Michelle about the account of her missing week. “I know it sounds like the plot to ‘The Land That Time Forgot’, but it was real. My only regret is that I dropped the fifty pound note when the T-Rex appeared and couldn’t find it again.”

Police have said that although they are dubious about the account of the missing week, they wouldn’t want to challenge Michelle about her account of the missing week.

Search parties have been scouring the moors above Kirby for the entrance to the prehistoric world. Nothing has appeared yet, however the Barrow Evening Mail will report if it is found.

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