Local App Developer App-lauded

Sock Finder App
Sock Finder App

It was with great pomp and ceremony that local App Developer Carlton Greenhawk, 28, announced his latest App to hit the App Store of the largest App Retailer in the App market. The App is an App that allows people to organise their socks into a range of categories.

The celebratory event is to take place in the car park of the Lisdoonie Hotel and Carlton has hired in several entertainers to host the extravaganza. Top of the bill comes from Sweep (from the Sooty and Sweep Show) as the compere and Bono (from some Irish Band) to run the raffle. However, the highlight of the show is under wraps, as Carlton explained, “The highlight of the show is being kept under wraps.” Our Reporter did try and probe Carlton for information but was told to “get off and stop being so personal.” Taylors Funfair is also appearing along side world famous circus group Cirque De Soleil, who have promised to bring their record breaking Pork Pie Balancing Act.

After asking what the App did, Carlton descended in to a full and detailed explanation which at points left the reporter confused, and at other points bored and frustrated. The gist of the App came down to being able to catalogue where a certain sock is and at what point in the wash cycle it sat. This entails taking a picture of each sock and attaching a small tag. Once the tag is attached and the sock is catalogued, a person using the App can point the camera at a sock and it will either locate its mate, or if another search criteria is to be selected would pick out the sock that clashed the greatest.

Carlton Greenhawk, 43, explained that the App was free, but once we did a little digging we were shocked to find that each tag cost £9.99 each. Our Reporter covering the story said, “I was shocked. They are £9.99 each. That would mean I’d be spending £839.00 just to cover my sock collection. If it was my underpant collection, I could cover that for £18.98.” Carlton jumped in to quickly announce that he would be covering underwear with the next release.

The Barrow Evening Mail will report back with this story once the extravaganza has taken place.

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