Ulverston Woman Moon Scam

A rogue email is arriving in the inboxes of surfers through out Furness.  The email suggests that you can be the proud owner of a rare piece of moon rock by just filling in the form supplied and emailing it back to the originator

Mrs Gromper, aged 83, replied to the email with great excitement, as she had been a budding astronomer since 1947, her Widower told us.  Mr Gromper, aged 48, said that Jean did not fully read the terms and conditions and sent for the piece of rock, it was only later that the full extent of her mistake came to pass

Three men, dressed from head to toe in Clingfilm and carrying a portable carpet cleaner knocked at her door claiming the right to Mrs Grompers living body.  Pointing out clause 17.8 they preceded to hose down the distraught Mrs Gromper and then bundled her into a van.  Mr Gromper told us that the slogan on the side of the van read ‘To Go Where Nobody Has Gone Before’

After an extensive manhunt, Mr Gromper received a telephone call from the MWMAKt Corporation, as they declared themselves to be.  They stated that his wife had been involved in a series of experiments and unfortunately she had failed in the ‘skipping around the dark side of the moon’.  The body could be found in a shopping trolley in the part of Tesco where nobody parked, although, as it had a half-life of ten thousand years, he might need a pair of rubber gloves and a set of tongs.

Mrs Gromper was put to rest in her native Ulverston.  You can find her grave by looking to the night sky and following the strange glow. So please be careful if you receive the same email or indeed any email that sounds too good to be true.

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