Flashdance Back To The 80’s Grand Gala

Every now and then somebody comes up with that sensational idea that we all take by the hand and skip in time with. Mr Baskerville, aged 63 of Deal Ave, Walney, has applied for a grant from the Neighbourhood Forum to host an evening of Disco and Leg Warmers to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking movie Flashdance.

Mr Baskerville wants to hire a local venue for the event and stage a full recreation of the movie featuring himself as Alex Owens (originally played by Jennifer Beals) and his Father, Gordon, as the then heartthrob role of Nick Hurley.

Mr Baskerville told The Barrow Evening Mail, ‘It has been a long time dream to play the role, as I love the costumes and I used to be a welder in the Boilershop.’ He added, ‘The songs are so accessable and joyful, they could almost be hymns.’

The set is beginning to be built in his garage and is taking shape, although scale seems to be an issue as, ‘We don’t know how big the stage will be.’ Coils of copper wire and drums of sheet metal line the walls, and a (very) large, rectangular lit dancefloor sits pride of place on top of the even older Ford Escort. ‘I’m making it all myself, and nearly everything you see is recycled from nieghbours broken household appliances. If you look closely the floor is made from perspex out of the old style kitchen cupboards, and Alex’s Pitbull Terrier is made from the bag of an old hover… I’m really pleased with that.’

Mr Baskerville is looking for a grant of £4000 to stage a seven day run in 2013, or a sponsor with the same enthusiasm for the movie that he has. If you know of anybody, please contact Mr Baskerville by picking up a flyer from the phone box near Bodycare on Dalton Road.

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