Turbine-Tastic For Furness

A shock announcement this week came from Cumbria County Council, when it declared that the new turbines, built off the Furness Peninsula, had a dual purpose: to create a green energy and boost the tourism potential of the local area.

Their proposal states that the power created by the nearest twenty turbines would be fed directly into a propeller at the base of each tower.  The propellers would then, in turn, advance the wave making process, therefore providing a natural haven for the amateur and professional surfer.

Although the power lost through the singular use of the twenty turbines would be significant, the payback to the scheme is it would not only generate millions of pounds for the local economy, but would ensure that the force of the denser waves and the extra impact from the volume of water would make the wind gustier.  With that extra gust the turbines on top of Ireleth and Kirby moors would be able to spin faster and for longer everyday.  The final calculation being that the existing turbines above the Parishes would be pumping out triple the green energy ever calculated for and therefore providing effectively two more turbines worth of output than the original twenty turbines used for the turning of the propellers.

The economy could be boosted by several million a year with three companies already expressing an interest in building medium sized hotels within the parish of Askam.  Each business has been asked to adopt one of the turbines to the price of their maintenance over twenty-five years.

A local Askam resident said that the idea did have its positives, but could we have them… “…without the surfers”.  Pointing out that you couldn’t have one without the other, they said we’d have to put up with those baggy short wearing beatniks.  A more positive note came from a baggy short wearing beatnik “Cool… yeah.”

As ever the Barrow Evening Mail will keep its ear to the wind and report any more movement as and when it happens.

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