Scientists Warn of New Plague

Green Cow
Green Cow

In a report on Climate Change, the University of Cambridge has declared that a new breed of Greenfly has been detected in a greenhouse near to the local Custard Factory. On the initial reading of the document it was stated that a one-off six-metre-long mutant Greenfly specimen had been breeding with Friesen Cows that had been in an adjacent field. The Greenfly, which was cornered and captured, had already mated before the capture.

Vet Richard Brownarm, 46, received the shock of his lifetime when he had been called by a local farmer, Mrs Cowkeep, 52, who had reported that one of his pregnant cows had got into difficulty. Mr Brownarm had turned up with the correct equipment, but the size of the ‘calf’ had taken him by surprise, and he had to go back to his office to get a medicinal glass of whiskey.

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Terror Related Threat In Our Streets

Anger was boiling in the Town Hall today when a motion was carried to outlaw the extreme fundamentalist group Tears In Tarmac (TIT) from operating within the Furness Peninsula. Their outrageous tactics have been putting lives at risk. They are objecting to the upgrading of local roads due to their belief that every square foot of tarmac created helps the US Government promote the use of Drones through out the hotspots of the world.

Mrs Shumberg, 72, of Dark Closet Road, told the Barrow Evening Mail, that the Pentagon had been buying shares in Tarmac Plants as the perfect cover for their involvement in the open markets. She reported that many companies were under full control of the Americans and that because the shares were bought under several proxy buyers, they thought the deceit would never come to life. But late one night, when Mrs Shumberg, 72, was trying to order another Orange Blossom Lipstick through the Avon website, she had accidently found herself in the main frame server of the NSA. She found a document showing that the share options of all the Worlds Tarmac Manufacturers were in the name of A Merica or Erica Am. With a little more digging she exposed the profits gained from the shares were being dumped into new software companies who supplied Top Secret Programs to the US Forces.

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